About Ripon Civic Society

Ripon Civic Society is a registered charity dedicated to protecting and enhancing the historic buildings and environment of the cathedral city of Ripon, North Yorkshire.

We are a voluntary membership society, and the overall aims of the Society are to:

Ripon Civic Society is involved in many projects that benefit the city. It comments and advises on planning applications, and plays an active role in developing and supporting a variety of buildings and conservation programmes. These include setting up the award-winning Ripon Museums Trust, transforming former wasteland into what is now Allhallows Park, a green space for adults and children to enjoy, and playing a major role in the restoration of Ripon Market Square, including the renovation of the much loved 1911 Cabman's Shelter, which the Society has since donated to Ripon City Council.

The Society's prestigious Annual Awards recognise the achievements of architects, builders, developers, craftsmen and the owners of property in enhancing the city and the villages around.

2018 marks the 50th Anniversary of Ripon Civic Society, and we are therefore delighted that one of our major projects, Ripon Re-Viewed, will bring more opportunities for people to learn about, see and enjoy this important photographic record of our city over the past 100 years, as we launch this website. Ripon Re-Viewed is the result of several years' hard work which has resulted in the conservation and long-term preservation of thousands of photographic images, and we will continue to add more of these to the Ripon Re-Viewed website in the years ahead.

We trust you enjoy looking back at Ripon through these fascinating images.

For further information about Ripon Civic Society please visit our website where you can find out more about membership and our annual programme of talks, events and activities.