City Museum on Park Street

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City Museum on Park Street

Date: c1903

In the right foreground of the photograph is the former City Museum. It was located there from 1883 to 1903 when the property was demolished to be replaced with the Spa Baths. Further back is the building that was the Theatre on the corner of Park Street and Hospital Hill, which in 1912 became the Drill Hall to accommodate the increasing number of Territorial Soldiers in Ripon; previously, it functioned as the pre-war headquarters of No 3 Troop, C Squad Yorkshire Hussars Yeomanry and H Company, 5th Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment. An auxiliary hospital was based at the Drill Hall during the First World War. All the railings have since gone, many removed for scrap in the Second World War.

Courtesy of Unknown

Category: Culture and Leisure, Military, Street Scenes, First World War, Museums, Streets

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