Bedern Bank

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Bedern Bank

Date: 1902

This image shows two two-storey dilapidated cottages on Bedern Bank which were later to be demolished. The photographer, Mr T Gilyard Beer, was a grocer and resided at Nos 16-17 Bedern Bank; by 1915 he had moved to Nos 5-6. A relative, Roy Beer, fought an ongoing battle to prevent demolition; this ultimately happened in 1959. Miss Elizabeth Taylor (later Mrs Fowler) is shown sweeping in the left hand doorway. The cottages were unusual in that the steps led down into the ground floor rooms. The draper's shop at No 6 was owned by Mrs Sarah A Parkin, who also traded as a miliner.

Courtesy of T Gilyard Beer

Category: Housing and Domestic Life, Shopping and Services, Street Scenes, Housing, Shops, Streets

Organisation Reference: A0205

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