Jepson School pupil

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Jepson School pupil

Date: 1927

Local lad Frank Blythe in his uniform of the Bluecoat School, which was sited on Water Skellgate. The school was founded under the will of Zacharias Jepson, a rich apothecary native to Ripon, for orphan boys until 1927. Jepson's will stipulated that the pupils were to have blue coats lined with yellow, and blue caps, breeches and doublets, blue stockings, shoes, shirts and bands every year. They were taught to read and write, and had to attend church each Sunday and Holy Day. Clever boys could be helped to attend Cambridge University; others would be apprenticed to Ripon tradesmen. Jepson's Hospital was one of the main Ripon charities, and is often mentioned in 18th and 19th-century local wills.

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