Alma Weir and Skellfield Terrace

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Alma Weir and Skellfield Terrace

Date: 1930

An image taken from a postcard published by Walter Scott, Bradford. The old weir, built by 1800, on the River Skell stretched right across the river, diverting some of the flow into the Mill Race which ran down Low Mill Road. The site of Skellfield Terrace was acquired by the Trees family, builders, following the death of James Ostcliffe and the closure of Ostcliffe's Tannery in the late 1880's. Building began for Skellfield Terrace in the early 1900's. The weir eventually broke, resulting in all the water re-directed into the Skell, and the water channel running down Low Mill road drying up and falling into disuse.

Courtesy of Unknown

Category: Housing and Domestic Life, Places of Worship, Waterways, Cathedral, Housing, Rivers

Organisation Reference: A0606

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