Decorative Arch

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Decorative Arch

Date: 1863

One of a stereo pair of images showing a decorative arch across the south west corner of the Market Square. The arch was erected to mark the visit to Ripon of the Prince and Princess of Wales in 1863 (note the Prince of Wales' Feathers at the top of the arch). Bateman's shop (No 1 Market Place) later became Etherington's Drapers; in the 1920s it was the Blue Bird Cafe. Eventually it was demolished and rebuilt as the Westminster Bank; the Skipton Building Society is located here in 2017. This image was taken in April 1863. Mr Hammond 'Surgeon Dentist and Photographer' took this photograph. His name is bottom left and he worked from the Crystal Gallery on North Street.

Courtesy of Thomas C Hammond

Category: Civic Life, Culture and Leisure, Shopping and Services, Street Scenes, Celebrations, Civic Events, Shops, Streets

Organisation Reference: A1602

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