St Mary Magdalen Chapel - interior

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St Mary Magdalen Chapel - interior

Date: c1900

A view of the inside of the Chapel, taken from the rear of the wooden screen, looking towards the altar. The chapel, located on Magdalens Road, was founded by Archbishop Thurstan between 1114-1141. Its function was to provide for lepers and blind priests, and later, for those who were destitute. A charity was founded in 1334, of which this chapel remains, containing low sided windows to make it easier for the lepers to communicate, as well as a rare pre-reformation stone altar. By the fourteenth century, neither lepers nor Sisters were in residence. A new chapel was built in 1868 by Helen in memorium to her husband the Rev. George Mason, who had lived at Copt Hewick Hall. Six almshouses, designed by Mallinson of Ripon, were added in 1875 and a further six in 1892. It underwent restoration during the 1980s and was converted to a house c2000. Furthermore, it was one of three 'hospitals' in Ripon, the other two being St John's in Bondgate and St Anne's 'maison dieu' in High St Agnesgate.

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