Cathedral Infants' School pupils

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Cathedral Infants' School pupils

Date: c1917

Cathedral Infants' School pupils in the school yard at the junction of Low and High St Agnesgate. 1st row: Hilda Wise, Dorothy Harper, Dorreen Edwards, Dorothy Kidd, Dorothy Appleton, Edith Youngson - now Mrs Boggatt, Edith Fawcet, Kathleen Dennison, Eliza Shaw, Bectie Taylor, Kathleen Ellecker 2nd Row: Unknown, Happer, Bruce, Proctor, Bernard Metcalfe, Hill, Unknown, Mark Metcalfe, Cofford Harniess, unknown. 3rd Row - Nora Garbutt, Edith Carling - the Coalman's daughter, Eileen Cuthbert, Reggie Briscombe - Wright, Lena Park - the Butcher's daughter, unknown.

Courtesy of Unknown

Category: Educational, Children, Schools

Organisation Reference: B3007

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