G Precious, Basket Maker's Shop

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G Precious, Basket Maker's Shop

Date: c1900

A winter scene showing G. Precious, basket makers. The building is now better known as the Wakeman's House. It is reported to be one of the first properties in Ripon to have a telephone line - a service proudly advertised on the front of the building. It was later sold to Ripon Corporation for £1,250 and the Wakeman's House was then used as a Museum until the 1960s, when it became a tea shop. George Precious used to grow the osiers for making his baskets in the Willowgarths at Nunwick. Thirlway's next door was a stationers shop, demolished in 1946 as part of the road widening scheme. The Leeds Mercury advertised here says "Buller Advances Retreat of the Enemy" which helps to fix the date more accurately. When this and the Thorpe Prebend House closed as museums, curators came from various museums in the area to acquire the objects 'on loan'. It is understood that some of the pottery went into the foundations of Moorside Avenue.

Courtesy of Unknown

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